METalliance Presented Drum Recording & Mixing Workshop at AES 2022

METAlliance Drum Recording_Mixing Workshop

New York Oct 19th 2022: The METalliance (Music Engineering and Technical Alliance) presented a special one-hour workshop at AES 2022 in NYC. This event was free for those attending the AES Convention. Attendees participated and interacted with the METAlliance members.

The METalliance Pro Recording Techniques Panel:
Rhythm & Groove as the Lifeblood of Modern Music Production
Academy Stage

The METalliance is composed of top award-winning audio engineers/producers Chuck Ainlay, Niko Bolas, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, and Elliot Scheiner. They brought their combined knowledge and experience to AES with a truly unique panel on recording and mixing drums as part of their ongoing efforts to share their recording skills and experiences. Their new book ‘Recording & Mixing Drums‘ is the first in a series.

“We love working closely with a diverse group of students, pros, educators and recording beginners,” said co-founder Chuck Ainlay.